Personal Information

How Formative will use your Personal Information

Your privacy is important to us. By registering on the online form page and providing the information in this form, you (“You”) consent to Formative’s collection and storage of Your personal information (“Personal Information”) on this registration form (“Registration Form”) on a Formative website. When You complete this Registration Form, You understand and agree that Formative may process and share Your Personal Information that You provide for the following purposes:

To grant You access to services and solutions offered by Formative and provide You access to the domain name or, both hosted by Formative;

  • To send You emails, promotions and marketing materials related to Formative products and offerings;
  • To be contacted by a Formative company personnel;
  • To authorize the transfer of Your Personal Information to Formative authorized third parties for the purpose of delivering Formative’s services and solutions to You.

Managing your Personal Data

Formative will handle Your Personal Information as per its Privacy Policy. For more information explaining how we use Your Personal Information please see our Privacy Policy. For any questions or requests to access, update or delete Your Personal Information, you can contact Formative at